We Live in the Age of Global Digital Transformations and Unique Technological Opportunities: Viktor Dolgopyatov from Everest We Live in the Age of Global Digital Transformations and Unique Technological Opportunities: Viktor Dolgopyatov from Everest

The successful integration of AI solutions requires proper goal setting, deliberate choice of technology, time for training, management and examination of risks. The project should be implemented by the team of highly skilled specialists. This is the opinion of Viktor Dolgopyatov, Head of Innovation Technologies at Everest.  

In an interview with AI Conference Kyiv, the expert reveals what projects Everest is developing, who will maximally benefit from the integration of AI technologies, and why it is crucial to hold events dedicated to the AI sector.

Interviewer: AI Conference Kyiv (AICK)
Respondent: Viktor Dolgopyatov (V.D.) 

AICK: What projects is Everest developing now?   

V.D.: I am interested in all activities of our company. Project query and implementation sectors are quite differentiated: healthcare, manufacturing automation, object and process intellectualization, ecology, climate, early prediction. Solutions are needed everywhere.

Currently, we are developing a project that will allow to obtain as accurate weather forecast as possible in the city quarterly. This solution will allow to warn people of ice on highways, to track allergen zones, etc. It is based on IoT and AI technologies.

The other project predicts breakdown or potential wrecking of engineering systems: ventilation, conditioning, water purification, elevators, etc. It combines IoT, AI, and M2M technologies. 
Healthcare projects are incredibly interesting, but I will withhold comment on that point yet.

AICK: Who are most interested in the adoption of innovative solutions in Ukraine (business, community, authorities)? Who will gain the greatest benefits from this?

V.D.: The technology integration will be beneficial to everyone. Innovations have become a trend for both businesses and the state, as well as for society in general. 
However, unfortunately, we often face the ludicrous misunderstanding of innovative technologies. Some market players integrate the inventory accounting for production with pseudo-analytics, others shift from paper documents to e-workflow. All of them take a new step towards the development of their areas. But is it actually innovations? It is for some entrepreneurs, but it is the routine for others exploring these things years ago.

Boundaries of the perception of cutting-edge technologies and their possibilities are still poorly defined. Any new adoption requires clear rules, order, concurrence of actions, and, most importantly, understanding of the concept and purpose. What is any technology application aimed at? Simplicity and efficiency. Benefits will be gained by those able to use technology correctly or, perhaps, optimize it for the new level.

AICK: How costly is the integration of AI and IoT solutions nowadays?

V.D.: It is quite costly if considering the professional approach. Nevertheless, like in any other industry, the implementation of a certain project depends on objectives, demands, and applied technological solutions. 

IoT solutions primarily need the infrastructure, which is just developing in this country and is still in its infancy; available energy sources; an efficient system of data receiving, processing, and transferring. AI requires proper goal setting, deliberate choice of technology, time for training, management and examination of risks. And, surely, to implement corresponding projects, one needs a team of competent specialists, consisting of engineers, programmers, data analysts, and project managers.

AICK: What Ukrainian sectors are most extensively applying innovative technologies? 

V.D.: According to my observations, the most relevant areas of innovative technology application are chatbots in delivery services and on Internet resources, as well as voice assistants. By the way, there are some good examples of manufacturing and gaming automation.

AICK: What challenges do Ukrainian companies face while adopting AI solutions?

V.D.: Not many companies have begun to integrating such solutions. Awareness of technology does not always provide insight into the understanding of whether it is required to a certain company or whether it is efficient at the given stage in general. The adoption of new technology implies reengineering of personnel’s common actions, which frequently disturbs the comfort zone. There is almost no identical technological processes within the company, thus advantages for some enterprises can turn into collapse for others.

The key to efficient AI integration is a clear comprehension of the chosen approach. It should fully correspond to established goals and not apply to processes that do not need innovations at a certain stage. Everything should be done gradually and deliberately. Benefits from AI application can be unobvious, but at least predictable to company’s staff.

AICK: Is it important to hold specialized events dedicated to the AI sector in Ukraine?

V.D.: Indeed, it is quite important to hold AI events in the country. We live in the age of global digital transformations and unique technological opportunities. Due to our specific nature, we stand behind and will stand behind for a while. But it is the specific nature rather than our unwillingness to join the innovative world. Therefore, actualization of this issue and audience engagement in discussion, presentation of new products, elaborations, and offers, experience sharing and cooperation establishment are the encouragement to new achievements and the step towards the development of innovative environment in Ukraine.

AICK: You will be a moderator at AI Conference Kyiv. What do you expect from the event?

V.D.: I would like to see the progress in solutions and developments by Ukrainian companies, enthusiasm and interest in this subject, more reasonable and professional approaches to accomplishment of objectives in this field, as well as advancement in specialists’ expertise. Certainly, I would like to see the eyes of thrilled specialists who are ready for new challenges.

Viktor Dolgopyatov will become a moderator of AI Conference Kyiv where leading experts will talk about the adoption and application of artificial intelligence in businesses. Event guests will be able to communicate with him and ask their questions.

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