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Business Automation and Optimization Using AI, Big Data, IoT: Results of AI Conference Kyiv

On June 4, Smile-Expo held AI Conference Kyiv. The event focused on relevant practical knowledge about integration and application of artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and Big Data in businesses. It brought together representatives of top Ukrainian and foreign companies.

The event involved 22 experts. They shared successful case studies and answered guests’ questions. Speakers included members of Vodafone Ukraine, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Microsoft, FUIB, iHub, Homsters, SMART business, IoT Hub, Planeta Kino, LITSLINK, SAP Ukraine, etc.

AI Conference Kyiv was divided into three specialized blocks:

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning,
  2. IoT and Data Analysis,
  3. Automation and Chatbots.

The event was moderated by Viktor Dolgopiatov, Head of Innovation Technologies at Everest.

between presentations, participants and guests communicated in informal surroundings, gave tips, shared experience, and established business contacts.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The event was opened by Volodymyr Saviak, AI&HPC Sales Manager in CEE countries at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise. He described AI as a driving force of civilization changes and explained its special aspects and advantages. According to the expert, it is machine capability for learning that will alter humankind in the next 100 years.      

The speaker compared the capacity of artificial intelligence and human brain. Reportedly, brain modeling will require the 600 MW computer. Such a system is absent now, but Volodymyr hopes that it will emerge in coming 2-3 years. “Hewlett Packard Enterprise has already won three tenders for the development of 1-exaflop PCs,” Volodymyr Saviak stated. Scientists assert that this processor will help them to fully model the human brain.       


Oleksandr Krakovetskyi, CEO at DevRain, talked about challenges faced by companies when integrating AI. Core problems are the lack of specialists, low priority of AI adoption tasks, concerns about security, and failure to grasp what can be done using AI technologies. Besides, the expert stressed that artificial intelligence could give businesses a competitive advantage. It is one of the key reasons for integrating AI solutions into company operations.    

“Great news: the current level of AI adaptation in companies is too low. If you think of joining this sector, it’s a good time. One supposes that each organization will turn into a data or an artificial intelligence company in several years. If you don’t have this component, you will lose the competition”, Oleksandr said.   


Denys Arismiatov and Volodymyr Rudyi from Homsters highlighted the importance of personalization for successful business activity. Through the example of real estate portal, they told the audience about data collection, recommendation system optimization, and personalized app development using machine learning. Speakers explained that to use ML in website recommendations, a portal should have not less than 50,000 visitors per month and at least one available offer.



Andrii Burlutskyi, Strategic marketing Director at SMART business, covered the application of artificial intelligence technologies in marketing. He presented possibilities of the SMART Next Best Action solution and revealed how to manage customer experience and segment the market in terms of behavioral features using AI. The speaker gave successful case studies by Citrus and Chervonyi Market, which managed to improve their business performance due to AI solutions.  

“Currently, any company can afford AI-based solutions. The only thing that matters is its collection and storage of data as well as operation with IRP, CRM, or Excel systems. It is still impossible to apply AI wherever, but it is too late not to use it at all”, Andriy stressed.

IoT and Data Analysis

Attendees were greatly interested in the presentation by Vodafone Ukraine representatives: Sergiy Boryslavsky, Head of Income Management and Big Data Department, and Mykola Traknov, Head of Digital Solutions and Platforms Department. They shared information about the Vodafone service helping advertisers to get to know their audience. They also talked about the algorithm allowing operators to determine certain locations of people. It is used to create customized offers for visitors of retail entertainment centers.         

“In large shopping malls, all stores compete for a stream of people passing them. We have learnt to determine when individuals enter the mall and what they need at the moment. Due to profiling and this pattern, we can provide consumers with a unique offer, e.g. a 20% discount on the new collection”, Sergiy mentioned.


Anton Trubnikov, President at LITSLINK, dedicated his presentation to Big Data features and AI adoption. The speaker named 10 startups being gold mines for investments: SenseTime, Megvii, Figure, ArgoAI, and others. Speaking about the further development of AI, the expert emphasized that Cloud would eventually become an accelerator of AI evolution by means of constant cheapening and AI-specific hardware designing, data would considered to be a currency, while virtual agents would appear in many companies and replace people in call centers.             

Answering guests’ questions, the speaker said that finances were one of the most appealing niches for beginning investors. “It’s always hard for people to estimate risks, percentage, and probabilities. Therefore, seamless developments for the financial market will be in demand”, Anton pointed out.   


Anton Tarasiuk, Managing partner at Legal IT Group, gained insight into the specific nature of personal data processing in the context of GDPR, the EU General Data Protection Regulation containing the rules for collecting, processing, and storing private information of citizens. The speaker clarified that Ukrainian companies aimed at EU consumers should also adhere to this law.       

Automation and Chatbots

Denys Savchenko, Head of the Planeta Kino Club loyalty program, introduced the best practice of marketing automation at one of Ukraine’s largest cinema chains – Planeta Kino. Nowadays, IT specialists develop personalized mobile push notifications for company needs, which will become unique on the Ukrainian market. Moreover, the speaker announced the launch of Planeta Kino Telegram chatbot.    


Yevhen Trombola, Director of Product Department at EDIN, examined the automation of electronic workflow and its advantages. In the words of Mr. Trombola, e-workflow allows to reduce time of legal document processing to a single day or several hours, decrease time of agreement execution twofold, save up to 80% of expenses for consumables, and optimize labor resources.           

Round table

The conference was completed with a round table engaging five experts: Maryna Voloshyna (Head of CRM at METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine), Anton Kozak (Customer Experience Director at SAP Ukraine), Roman Kravchenko (Founder of IoT Hub), Anton Trubnikov (President of LITSLINK), and Dimitri Podoliev (Founder of iHub).   

The discussion was dedicated to key elements of efficient business growth using automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and IoT. Experts expressed their views, answered questions, and reviewed case studies by attendees. The round table was moderated by Stas Petriv, a tech community builder.     

Participants analyzed the automation potential. Anton Kozak believes that the total automation of business processes is impossible as of today. By the way, companies should set up a technological foundation that will allow to scale business in future from the very beginning.    

In Dimitri Podoliev’s opinion, entrepreneurs should realize whether they need automation and only then start utilizing any solutions.

Roman Kravchenko noticed that small companies had an advantage: they can test and choose various AI tools. Major corporations can spend lots of time on coordination and adoption of a single solution.

Furthermore, experts debated on the necessity for individual education, importance of foreign experience, business encouragement to apply AI technologies, and the role of AI in art advancement.   

At the end of the round table, authors of the best questions got books from event partners as a gift.

Conference partners

HR Partner: job search portal.

General Media Partner: Minfin publication.

Book Partner: Nash Format publishing house.


Participants and guests specified the following advantages: a spacious location, experienced speakers, thrilled audience, and meaningful presentations.     

“The conference satisfies interests of both people who have only recently heard of AI, Data Science, machine learning, and experts who can discover case studies of applying these tools in businesses”, Stas Petriv said.

Speakers who have repeatedly took part in AI Conference Kyiv distinguished the high level of event organization. “We are delighted with everything here. I like the space selected and the live audience. It’s a great pleasure to see that people are quite interested in our content”, Sergiy Boryslavsky summed up.  

“I have been participating in AI Conference Kyiv for the second time. Each time, the event gathers the enthusiastic and diverse audience. I love it. Truth springs from similar negotiations”, Anton Kozak underlined.