CEO and Founder of Spacebit Pavlo Tanasiuk – Top Speaker at AI Conference Kyiv 2021
CEO and Founder of Spacebit Pavlo Tanasiuk – Top Speaker at AI Conference Kyiv 2021

The space industry is one of the leaders in the development and application of artificial intelligence. Thanks to AI technologies, we can see reports from the ISS, scientists discover new exoplanets, and lunar rovers successfully land on a satellite.

The top speaker of AI Conference Kyiv 2021, CEO and founder of the British space company Spacebit Pavlo Tanasiuk knows about the use of AI in space.

Pavlo is often called a Ukrainian Elon Musk. In 2010, he co-founded the successful electronic payment system MoneXy, which became the country's first licensed electronic money system. A few years later, Pavlo and his partner sold it, and the expert invested the profit in a new project.

In 2014, the speaker founded the British company Spacebit, which became an innovator in the field of technologies and systems for the deployment of all-terrain vehicles for space applications. It developed the first British spider Moon rover, the Asagumo.

The company has signed an agreement with the American company Astrobotic to begin commercial and scientific exploration of the Moon with its first mission in 2021 on the Peregrine lander. In 2020, Spacebit announced a second lunar mission with NASA partner CLPS Intuitive Machines. Pavlo’s company became the only commercial organization to complete two lunar missions in 2021.

In addition, Spacebit is looking to carry out the first Ukrainian mission to the Moon in 2022. According to Pavlo, equipment for scientific research will be delivered to the surface of the satellite. Thus, Ukraine will become one of the four countries in the world that delivered cargo to the surface of the Moon.

Join AI Conference Kyiv 2021 on September 21 and learn about how Ukrainians are conquering the global space industry.

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