The USA to Predict Film Success, While Ukraine to Customize Menu for McDonald's Visitors: AI News The USA to Predict Film Success, While Ukraine to Customize Menu for McDonald's Visitors: AI News

McDonald's Ukrainian group is going to integrate the AI system, while AI in Hollywood helps to predict a commercial success of films. These and other AI news are described in our weekly digest.

McDonald's Ukrainian Chain
to Adopt AI Technologies

The Ukrainian group of McDonald's fast food restaurants will integrate an artificial intelligence system developed by Israel-based Dynamic Yield startup (owned by McDonald's). It was announced by Yuliya Badritdinova, Managing Director at McDonald’s Ukraine. The date of technology application is not revealed yet.

It is referred to the solution applied by McDonald's in the USA when creating customer offers. Due to the AI system, menu items change depending on the weather, the time of day, the establishment workload, and other factors.

Neural Network Learns to Draw
Human Face Based on Their Voice

The Speech2Face neural network was designed by scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The AI system was trained on several millions of videos with voices of different people.

As the result, researchers have taught the program to recreate an approximate human face using the speech spectrogram. However, it still does not fully cope with the task.

Testing has shown that the neural network can easily recognize the gender. Besides, it has partially identified people with European and Asian appearances. But the system fails to determine the age by male or female voices.

Scientists “Reanimate” Leonardo
da Vinci’s Gioconda Using AI

Moscow-based Samsung AI Center has designed an algorithm turning a static illustration into an animation. The program consists of three neural networks: Embedder, Generator, and Discriminator. They were trained by analyzing the bulk of human face images.

One or several images of human faces are loaded in the system. The more portraits, the better outcome. The first neural network analyzes the initial picture and stores information as vectors, the second one produces a short video, while the third one assesses how realistic the result is. Consequently, AI turns the static portrait into the short video.

The new AI solution allowed to transform the Mona Lisa into animation.

Hollywood Uses Artificial Intelligence
to Predict Movie Success

Hollywood filmmakers apply services of AI and ML companies to determine the profit potential of movies. Using artificial intelligence systems, producers figure out how much films can gross depending on the cast, scenario, and other aspects, according to The Verge.

For instance, Cinelytic startup utilizes the AI system to analyze the film script and the potential cast as well as predict box office sales.

ScriptBook  supposes the potential success of films, analyzing their scenarios. Due to AI, Vault startup defines demographic characteristics of people attracted by a movie. Pilot’s software predicts a possible commercial success of projects.

Finnair Applies AI to
Improve Punctuality

Finnair and Silo AI have developed an AI system to warn passengers of potential flight schedule failures. It will allow to enhance the air company’s punctuality.

The program analyzes a range of features affecting the timeliness of aircraft arrival to the destination point, including the weather, runway capacity, flight timetable and delay data. Moreover, the system predicts weather conditions and transfers information to the traffic controller.

Finnair has already tested AI. Trials were successful.

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