AI Integration into Ukrainian and Foreign Transport Systems AI Integration into Ukrainian and Foreign Transport Systems

To make public transport more comfortable and secure for passengers, the urban transportation system is integrating artificial intelligence technologies. They help to regulate traffic flows and monitor required routes. Well, can we find such solutions in Ukraine?

Role of AI in Public Transport

Artificial intelligence automates and optimizes various processes of the city transportation system. For example, AI technologies:

  • control traffic lights and reduce road congestion;
  • recommend convenient routes;
  • monitor the transport condition and detect its defects;
  • improve the passenger experience;
  • make shipping operations safer;
  • allow carriers to control passenger flows and supervise the fleet.

AI Application in Foreign
Transportation System

Self-Driving Transport

Paris, Istanbul, and Dubai have adopted unmanned underground railway carriages able to move on their own without engine drivers.

Stockholm uses shuttle buses based on connected technologies. Ericsson’s Connected Urban Transport platform controls the vehicles: it allows buses to interact with such smart city technologies as stops, traffic lights, and sensors.

Self-driving means of transport can be utilized for excursions. IBM and Local Motors have tested a 12-seat electric bus called Olli controlled by the Watson computer system. The electric bus moves across a specified route, and the computer tells passengers about sightseeing attractions and recommends places to visit.

Motion Tracking

Currently, a lot of countries have launched mobile apps or online services allowing passengers to find out the location of certain vehicles. People can follow the necessary route and see the time when an appropriate bus or tram will arrive to the stop.

One of the similar services is Trafi, an app showing the real-time motion of public transport and lay routes for users. The app is available in Spain, Latvia, Estonia, Brazil, Turkey, and other countries.

Intelligent Transport System

Intelligent transport systems (ITS) can regulate traffic flows, making highways more safety.

As of today, ITSs manage transport movements in such major cities as Munich, London, Bristol, Brussels, and Lyon. The systems regulate vehicle movement as well as monitor parking lots and traffic light operations.

Ukrainian Projects on AI Integration
into Public Transport

Smart Roads

The Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine has cooperated with Vodafone mobile operator, Nokia Solutions and Networks Ukraine to launch “Internet of Things on roads based on fifth generation (5G) connectivity” innovative project.

AI Conference Kyiv: AI Integration into Ukrainian and Foreign Transport Systems 1

The project is designed to create a single network of smart roads, allowing to analyze traffic flows and making traffic safer.

The project is divided into three phases: testing, scaling, and covering all Ukrainian roads with advanced technologies.

Today, it takes the initial step, while H-O1 pilot section of the highway is being equipped with technologies. Further, the data will be collected using LTE, and from the second half of 2019, the 5G connectivity will be available in this area.

Transport Monitoring

Ukrainians have started to monitor the public traffic with online maps since 2013. At that time, the project was launched in Ternopil.

Nowadays, various applications are used not only in major cities of the country, but also in small regional centers.

In addition, platforms are being introduced to most Ukrainian cities, helping passengers, carriers, utilities and emergency services to unite, rapidly exchanging any information about traffic situations.

Smart Public Stops

Now, technologies are used in order to improve the public transport.

They are equipped with the digital timetable displays, free Wi-Fi, plugs, video surveillance systems, and integrated payment terminals. Smart stops have already been implemented in Kyiv, Dnipro, Lviv, Mykolaiv, and Chernivtsi.


Today, artificial intelligence in developed countries is making transportation safer and trips more comfortable.

Therefore, the technology will definitely keep advancing vehicles so that they will be as convenient as possible for citizens and tourists.


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integration at AI Conference Kyiv.

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