AI creates pictures and does cleaning. AI world news of the week AI creates pictures and does cleaning. AI world news of the week

Artificial intelligence paints pictures, finds people by height and gender, and also improves conversion. Read about this and other news from the AI world in the weekly digest.

AI can find people by the color of clothes

Indian scientists have created an AI-based program, which is looking for people by the color of clothing, height and gender.

This program spends much less time searching for surveillance cameras than a person.

AI creates pictures and does cleaning. AI world news of the week - 1

The project was created on the basis of a convolutional neural network (CNN), which is based on deep machine learning. In its work, CNN focuses on the peculiarities of the human visual cortex.

Currently, the program correctly finds only 28 people out of 41. In the future, the algorithm is planned to be improved.

Ukrainian AI startup raised $30 million

Ukrainian startup, which evaluates sales performance, raised $30 million of investments. is a service for sales managers that uses the AI algorithm to increase conversions. The service analyzes the work of managers, determines effective strategies and gives advice on transactions. The algorithm also has access to email, telephone conversations, and CRM data.

Involved in the startup development were Andreessen Horowitz Foundation and such venture companies as Lightspeed Venture Partners, GGV Capital and Y Combinator. Thanks to a new flow of financing, the startup will start commercial expansion, expand its customer base and develop its data analysis system.

AI picture to be put up to auction

The picture created using artificial intelligence will be put up to the auction in London.

The French art team Obvious has developed an AI-based technology that portrays people. The technology consists of two parts: the generator and the discriminator.

AI creates pictures and does cleaning. AI world news of the week - 2

The developers have loaded into the system 15 thousand portraits written in the XIV-XX centuries. On their basis, the generator creates a new image, and the discriminator determines the difference between portraits written by a person and a generator, thus the technology improves its work.

The portrait is called Edmond de Belamy, which means ‘dear friend’. The neural network has created 11 pictures, and some of them have already been sold to art collectors.

The project authors expect that the portrait will bring up to $10 thousand at the Christie's auction in October.

Japan created a cleaning robot

Japanese engineers from Preferred Networks created an AI-based robot, which cleans the house.

Engineers have taken Toyota's Human Support Robot as a basis for the cleaning robot and developed new software for it. The system is based on a convolutional neural network, which was trained using 2 million images.

With the help of computer vision, the robot identifies objects and puts things on the proper place. It understands voice commands and non-verbal signs.

Robotic cleaner was taught to raise cans, soft toys, socks and even catch objects that were thrown.

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