World’s first virtual news anchor and a smart stethoscope scanning for pneumonia. AI news World’s first virtual news anchor and a smart stethoscope scanning for pneumonia. AI news

Hong Kong prisons will be modernized and equipped with artificial intelligence technologies while smart lie detectors will be introduced at the EU borders. Week’s breaking news in the AI universe.

Ukraine is listed among top 3 countries with AI companies in the region

As reported by the experts at Deep Knowledge Analytics, Ukraine has been listed among the top three countries with AI companies in 2018 in Eastern Europe. It lies behind Poland and Russia (second and first places correspondingly). Ukraine has 57 companies registered, Poland – 110, the Russian Federation – 133.

The majority of Ukrainian AI-based companies is focused on software development (38%) while others work with chatbots, smart assistants, fintech and entertainment solutions. According to the analytical data, Ukraine is the top country by the number of outsourcing companies in the field of AI not only within Western but also Eastern Europe.

AI technologies for EU borders protection

AI-powered lie detectors will be introduced at the EU borders. Artificial intelligence would help robots collect and analyze travelers to EU countries. In a bid to fulfill the plan, program iBorderCtrl would be used to scan whether a person lies or tells the truth.

Latvia, Hungary, and Greece are going to benefit from such lie detectors. When entering these countries, travelers will also need to answer AI’s questions apart from document filling. If a smart device suspects the information, people will be referred to border guard inspection.

First virtual news anchor is presented in China

China's Xinhua News Agency employed an AI virtual news anchor, such an unusual worker was developed by search engine Sogou. Xin Xiaomeng anchors country’s major political events, particularly, meetings of the National People's Congress.

Previous year, Xinhua News Agency introduced AI robot Zhang Zhao that took part in 3400 news episodes. In 2019, the robot is to be replaced by a more sophisticated version called Xin Xiahao.

Smart stethoscope scanning for pneumonia is created

Workers at Johns Hopkins University have created a smart stethoscope scanning for pneumonia or any other problems with lungs. The device is equipped with a highly sensitive microphone that captures sounds of any intensity. Microphone’s data is transferred to a special AI-fueled system. It carries out analysis and shows the result on an in-built LCD.

First tests demonstrated the accuracy of the device. The smart gadget managed to scan for pneumonia in 87% cases.

Robots and AI to be used in Chinese smart prisons

Hong Kong prisons are to be modernized by the implementation of artificial intelligence technologies. Managers at correctional facilities intend to equip certain cells with smart cameras to control the presence of a prisoner. Besides, criminals are expected to wear wristbands monitoring heart rate and activity.

Representatives of Hong Kong jails also claim that they are going to use a special robotic arm to sort through prisoners’ feces in search of banned substances.

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