AI Learns to Translate Oral Speech and Create Whisky Recipes: AI News of the Week AI Learns to Translate Oral Speech and Create Whisky Recipes: AI News of the Week

Chinese artificial intelligence serves as a TV host, while Swedish one creates whisky recipes. Meanwhile, the USA is training the AI system in dogfighting. These and other AI news are revealed in our digest of the past week.

The Pentagon to Get Artificial Intelligent
Able to Conduct Air Battles

The Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) will carry out a contest for the development of the AI system able to control military air ships and conduct maneuverable air close fighting. It will be a part of the АСЕ program.

The new system should be capable of learning. The solution is expected to obtain skills of dogfighting similar to people. First off, it will be trained in simple maneuvers and then inhigher aerobatics.

AI will be tested stage by stage. During the first trials, it will participate in the virtual fight. Experienced pilots will asses show the system operates. At the second stage, the program will be used on small UAVs.

AI Develops Human Approach
to Numbers On Its Own

A neural network initially designed for simple visual detection of objects has spontaneously developed a logical approach to figures. As part of the study, scientists have found out that certain network nodes recognize abstract numbers like real neurons in the human brain.

The AI system defined that illustration of four blocks was similar to the picture of four cats, because they were united by the common feature – the term ‘four’.

China Designs Twenty-Four-Hour
Virtual Hosts

Chinese media company Xinhua has developed virtual TV hosts based on artificial intelligence. They are able to generate news bulletins around-the-clock. The TV channel estimated that AI spent 10,000 hours on the air.

The hosts still cope with ordinary tasks. They are good in providing weather and road situation news. Besides, the AI system can incorrectly respond to information about natural disasters.

However, The Next Web believes that AI will be able to outperform conventional TV hosts.

Sweden Produces
Whisky Using AI

A collaborative project is being implemented by Mackmyra, Fourkind, and Microsoft. To make a unique alcoholic drink, artificial intelligence analyzed all Mackmyra’s whisky recipes, examined existing market trends, as well as took into account consumer preferences and sales results.

Consequently, AI generated more than 70 million recipes. Afterwards, it excluded options that tasters could dislike.

Now, a sample of whisky produced according to AI’s recipe will be taken before tasting. If the beverage is approved, it will bebrought into circulation. The product can hit the shelves in autumn 2019.

Artificial Intelligence
Can Translate Oral Speech

Google's Team Dev led by Yonghui Wu has designed an algorithm that directly translates speech from one language to another.

The software was trained using two datasets containing records of English and Spanish conversations and their textual representation.

Specialists tested the new AI product and compared the results of algorithm’s translation with the human one. It transpired that the system coped better with the goal when oral speech was transformed into text and then translated.

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