Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Microsoft Ukraine, Vodafone: Top Company Representatives at AI Conference Kyiv Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Microsoft Ukraine, Vodafone: Top Company Representatives at AI Conference Kyiv

AI Conference Kyiv will take place on June 4! The event will reveal how to make your business more efficient using artificial intelligence. Given below is a guide to conference’s top speakers: who they are, what companies they represent, and what they will talk about.

Volodymyr Saviak from Hewlett Packard Enterprise:
AI as a step towards the civilization revolution

Volodymyr Saviak is AI&HPC Sales Manager in CEE countries from Hewlett Packard Enterprise. The expert will tell the audience about the concept, role, and prospects of artificial intelligence, as well as share case studies of AI application in corporate and public sectors.

Oleksandr Krakovetskyi from DevRain:
challenges and approaches to AI adoption in company operations

Oleksandr Krakovetskyi, CEO at DevRain Ukrainian IT Company, will explain whether your company requires AI solutions. If so, what exactly, how to choose tools and providers, and how to start working with the technology at your company.

Yulia Chala from Microsoft Ukraine:
AI integration using Azure cloud services.
Best practices

Yulia Chala is Solution Sales Professional Data and AI at Microsoft Ukraine. The expert will mention how to optimize processes based onBig Data analytics, how to reduce the amount of mistakes caused by the human factor, and how to use AI in businesses beneficially. The speaker will give certain examples: one of them is about the collaboration of Rolls-Royce and Microsoft.

Mykola Traknov and Sergiy Boryslavsky from Vodafone Ukraine:
potential of AI, IoT, and Big Data for businesses

Mykola Traknov, Head of Digital Solutions and Platforms Department, and Sergiy Boryslavsky, Head of Income Management and Big Data Department, from Vodafone Ukraine will make a collaborative presentation. The speakers will illustrate why companies can no longer do without IoT, Big Data, and artificial intelligence.

Sergii Karaulov from FUIB:
how to increase the value of the customer base using AI

Sergii Karaulov, Head of CRM & CI at FUIB, will highlight why the data application is a must-have for mass market business, how to benefit from AI in banking operations, and how the combination of AI and CRM assists in sales in some cases of customer interaction.

Denys Savchenko from Planeta Kino:
experience in cinema chain’s marketing automation

Denys Savchenko is Head of the Planeta Kino Club loyalty program. The company has adopted the large marketing automation. The expert will share such an experiencewith the audience, as well as give tips on preventing companies from stopping halfway to the automation.

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