Out of the box AI solutions: in what spheres has AI become commonplace? Out of the box AI solutions: in what spheres has AI become commonplace?

AI is expected to process a lot of operations. As estimated by Gartner research company, technologies would have performed 85% of tasks related to customer support by 2020. Follow the article to find out more about AI projects that are effective right now.

What AI solutions are implemented right now?


Virtual assistants perform standard and routine tasks at companies. Thus, processes are faster and employees can focus on work that requires more intellectual efforts.

As analyzed by Grand View Research, the volume of the chatbot market would have reached $1.23 bn by 2025.

PrivatBank Ukraine currently uses chatbots. They inform clients about currency rate fluctuations and assist in money transactions. PrivatBank representative Yulia Guseva says that chatbots process about 85% of requests, that is why the bank managed to reduce the number of operators and expenses.

Finance is not a single segmented of chatbot implementation. For example, a chatbot of a platform for flight ticket search Aviasales selects discounted offers. It can find about 34 000 tickets within a day and informs users about available ones.


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Artificial intelligence is capable of plate recognition, which automates car account in traffic and at checkpoints.

For example, Automarshal system uses surveillance cameras to identify car plates. It also stores special databases with a date, direction and time of the ride.

Such a smart system is applied to automate parking lots. The technologies recognize cars with a parking ticket and automatically give a signal to gates and barrier arms.

Such a recognition system allows to track transport and control traffic.

Advertising and marketing

AI technologies boost the efficiency of ads – marketers better understand customers by analyzing their behavior. Moreover, artificial intelligence allows to fine tune advertising campaigns, which helps attract new users.

For example, the technology uses Independent Media (IM) with the aim of ad sales optimization. AI analyzes ad auctions and identifies the amount of money an ad maker will pay for the banner demonstration using predictive technologies.

As reported by IM representative Anastasia Kapitanova, artificial intelligence allowed to raise income by 15%.

Staff recruiting

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Artificial intelligence also assists companies in recruiting new staff. The system automatically evaluates candidates by a range of criteria and then decides whether to invite them to a job interview or not.

For example, Skillaz platform has already assessed about 1 m candidates for various organizations. Among them, there is Otkritie Bank. Within a week, AI-driven algorithms selected more good fits than five HR professionals within a month.

The system analyzed an official database as well as such websites as Avito and profiles in social networks.

Creation of legal documents

AI-fueled technologies are capable of performing legal tasks. For example, properly prepare legal documents.

Such a service is available at Sberbank. Its clients can prepare documents using 1400 templates from 13 categories for business and personal needs. Thus, using Document Builder, within several minutes, you can create agreements, letters of attorneys, staff documents or legal claims compatible with the legislation.

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