Report: How AI will change the retail industry Report: How AI will change the retail industry

Retail companies use innovative technologies to improve work processes, increase conversion and attract more customers.

On November 14 at AI Conference Kyiv, Andrii Dligach, CEO at Advanter Group, a well-known strategist and futurologist will tell how retail companies should introduce AI.

The topic of his report is ‘How AI will change the retail industry’.

Andrii will talk about retail trends and effective cases in eCommerce. The speaker will focus on how AI helps to process and analyze big data, as well as prevent risks.

Key theses:

  • future of the retail industry;
  • how to customize and adjust retail for buyers;
  • IoT products prospects in the retail industry;
  • AI in retail.

Andrii Dligach has been working in marketing and strategic management for 20 years. During this time, he has implemented 1500 marketing projects for such companies as Microsoft, PwC, Alfa-Bank, Foxtrot, Siemens, MTS, Luxoptica and others.

The speaker is also a visiting professor at a number of universities and business schools.

Andrii is the best coach and marketing consultant in Ukraine according to Ukrainian Marketing Awards and TradeMaster, as well as the author of eight books and 150 publications on business organization and international economics.

Currently, the expert is the CEO at Advanter Group and Luniter troubleshooting group.

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