Presentation: How machine learning can increase sales Presentation: How machine learning can increase sales

Nowadays, major retail companies prefer to process data using machine learning algorithms. The reason is simple: the high speed of processes and the absence of mistakes caused by a human factor.

Kuchkanov, a Data Scientist at Competera, will reveal how to integrate machine learning into retail on November 14 at AI Conference Kyiv.

Presentation topic: How machine learning can increase sales.

Vladimir will tell the audience why retail needs AI algorithms and why it is quite significant to receive accurate data. The speaker will explain how machine learning can control price formation and what algorithmic marketing means.

Key points:

  • how to automate the analysis of competitors’ prices;
  • how to predict the demand and sales;
  • how to sell a maximum number of goods using machine learning.

About the speaker:

Vladimir Kuchkanov has been engaged in business analytics and price formation management at FMCG companies for 11 years.

He has developed a conveyor of intelligent machine learning algorithms. Besides, he focused on analytics at such FMCG companies as Mars and Philip Morris. The expert was a part of the CMI re-launch team at Mars Europe in 2015-2016.

He worked for the largest Ukrainian research company – Ukrainian Marketing Group.

Kuchkanov also gives a Brand Management course at Kyiv Academy of Media Arts. Currently, he is a Data Scientist at Competera, a company that helps retail firms to optimize their activity and increase revenue using machine learning.

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