Presentation: artificial intelligence for education in corporate sector Presentation: artificial intelligence for education in corporate sector

Why do corporations and universities train artificial intelligence specialists? How to improve the design of educational programs based on AI? Which skills do employers expect of professionals in the field of data analysis? Senior Research Analyst of IBM Canada Oleksandr Romanko will tell attendees of AI Conference Kyiv answers to these questions.

The topic of speaker’s presentation is “Artificial intelligence for education in corporate sector”.

Main points:

  • importance of improving the qualification of employees in the field of AI;
  • design of educational programs using data analysis based on the labor market requirements;
  • solution of the problem of shortage of AI professionals through education.

Oleksandr Romanko is a professor of the University of Toronto and a Senior Research Analyst at IBM Canada. An Honorary Director of Master of Business and Management in Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics (MBAI) program at the Kyiv School of Economics. Oleksandr got a PhD and Master’s degree in Computer Science (McMaster University, Canada), and a Master’s degree in Economics (Charles University, the Czech Republic).

Oleksandr regularly speaks at top international conferences and meetups. He is known in Ukraine as a lecturer focusing on the topic of artificial intelligence and data science.

Guests of AI Conference Kyiv will have a chance to listen to the tele bridge Kyiv – Toronto with Professor Oleksandr Romanko.

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