AI chips by Huawei and video call devices by Facebook: top AI news AI chips by Huawei and video call devices by Facebook: top AI news

Amazon has designed artificial intelligence discriminating women, Huawei is going to conquer the AI chip market, while Instagram will search for negative content using artificial intelligence. These and other AI news are revealed in the weekly digest.

Amazon closes one of its projects because of AI sexist

A group of developers from Amazon’s Edinburg-based subsidiary designed artificial intelligence preferring men to women when choosing candidates. Therefore, the company had to close the project.

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This solution was aimed at sorting resumes. For whatever reason, AI started eliminating resumes containing the word ‘female/woman’ during learning and offered to hire male candidates even if they did not have required skills.

The company discovered that the system did not follow the gender neutrality principle while assessing candidates in 2015. Developers tried to improve the system but Amazon completely disappointed in the project in 2017 and dropped the team.

Huawei creates chips for artificial intelligence

Huawei has presented two new chips for artificial intelligence that can compete with US AI chips by Qualcomm and NVIDIA.

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Huawei’s Ascend chips are designed for processing machine learning tasks. Besides these chips, the company has also introduced cloud computing services helping to integrate devices with other services. Thus, the company’s cloud platform will compete with solutions by Alibaba, Microsoft, and Amazon Web Services.

The launch of new products and services related to the artificial intelligence sector is a part of Huawei’s common strategy for providing the company superiority in 5G technologies at software and hardware levels.

AI to look for offensive posts on Instagram

Instagram applies machine learning to fight against abuses. The neural network examines posts, stories, and comments in order to find negative content.

It was reported by Adam Mosseri, the Head of the service. “Instagram has no room for bullying, offences, and harassments,” Adam Mosseri states.

Now, social media content passes through the neural network determining suspicious activity. If it is detected, AI sends a request to moderators.

Developers are planning to teach AI to moderate videos. Moreover, new features will cover the new IGTV service launched by Instagram this summer.

Facebook introduces video call devices: Portal and Portal+

Facebook has announced two devices for video calls on its blog: Portal and Portal+.

Device displays occupy the majority of the front side. This very side also contains a camera and a dynamic. Standard Portal has a diagonal of 10 inches and a screen resolution of 1280 × 800. At the same time, Portal+ features a 15-inch body and 1920 × 1080 resolution.

One of the interesting options is built-in AI. According to developers, it provides comfortable experience during communications via Portal. Due to artificial intelligence, the camera can independently turn and zoom in an image in order to keep a talk partner in vision. Portal and Portal+ are already available for pre-orders in the USA for $199 and $349.

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