Volodymyr Saviak: Artificial intelligence – on the brink of civilization change

Oleksandr Krakovetskyi: Adopting Artificial Intelligence in your company: challenges and approaches

Andriy Burlutskyi: AI Marketing Injection: How technologies help in customer intelligence, segmentation, and forecasting


Volodymyr Rudyi and Denis Arismiatov: «Personalize or die»

Yulia Chala: Introducing AI in large projects from the first steps to the results using Azure cloud services

Anton Trubnikov: Data Science Age: data can do more and less than you think

Dmitriy Pleshakov: How AI helps to optimize advertising in the cross-channel world

Sergiy Boryslavsky and Mykola Traknov: IoT, Big Data and other things of tomorrow you couldn't imagine your life without

Sergii Karaulov: How to use the data and AI to increase the value of the customer base

Anton Tarasiuk: Privacy by design: GDPR in AI technologies

Denys Savchenko: How Planeta Kino adopted the big marketing automation based on Salesforce Marketing Cloud case

Evgeniy Trombola: Automation of e-document flow - the latest technological implementation for business

Max Botvinev: How exactly works AI: Face Recognition, Neural Networks

Round table with speakers: Recipes for harmonious business development using AI, Machine Learning, IoT, automation. Answers to questions from the audience in the form of a dialogue.