Top 10 projects based on AI in 2018 Top 10 projects based on AI in 2018

Artificial intelligence is rapidly being introduced into retail, banking, healthcare and many other areas. Within the first three months of 2018, the AI industry set a record on fundraising. Thus, according to the international network of audit firms PwC, the total number of investments in AI was $1.9 billion.

In this regard, more and more projects on artificial intelligence are being launched. This article will tell about the most promising companies with the most advanced technologies.

SenseTime is a Chinese company that creates a system for recognizing faces and photos. It is already used by the Chinese police to identify criminals in the crowd. The SenseTime technology analyzes images from surveillance cameras and can identify an individual by photo due to artificial intelligence.

The company raised $620 million of investments to develop the project.

UBTECH Robotics is a company that creates Ai-based robots. One of the projects is a humanoid robot Alpha 2, which helps in housekeeping and communicates freely with all family members. The robot can perform voice commands, write messages, search for information on the Internet, take photos and post them on social networks.

Megvii Technology is a Beijing-based company that implements face recognition technology for websites, mobile applications and TV. In its developments Megvii Technology uses a database of the Ministry of Public Security of China.

The company received $600 million from the Alibaba Group and Boyu Capital for further development.

Dataminr is an information portal. Dataminr technology analyzes open-source information on the Internet and sends notifications on the latest news online. Information is analyzed by geography, languages, and topics thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

In 2018, the company attracted $391 million of investments.

CrowdStrike is an American cybersecurity systems development company. In 2017, it monitored cybersecurity threats in 176 countries. CrowdStrike's main product is the Falcon platform, which provides cloud-based cyber defense.

The company was founded in 2011, and during this time has collected more than $150 million investment.

YITU Technology is a Chinese company that develops a platform for face recognition and a security system based on artificial intelligence. One of its projects is the Yitu Dragonfly Eye system. It is made on the basis of machine vision, aiming at ensuring urban safety. YITU Technology also creates smart machines for the medical sector.

Unisound is a startup that develops technologies for speech recognition and processing. Unisound offers solutions for smart homes, unmanned vehicles and the medical industry.

In 2018, a startup collected $100 million from investors. is an American startup developing systems for autonomous cars based on AI. Prior to, the project developers worked in the field of autonomous driving in Google X.

For the further startup operation, investors allocated $112 million.

Cambricon Technologies is a Chinese company that produces processor chips for smart cloud servers, terminals and robots. Cambricon Technologies has developed a processor that is much faster than a regular GPU for PC.

The state supported the startup and allocated $1 million for its development.

Conversica is an American company for the development of AI-based cloud platforms. One of the developments is a smart assistant who communicates with a potential buyer and then transfers the transaction to the sellers. Assistant retains customer loyalty and increases conversion.

Conversica assistants communicate with users through several communication channels (email, SMS, social networks) and in several languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese).

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