Weather Forecasting in the Sun, Cancer Detection, and Legislative Amendments. Top IA News of the Week Weather Forecasting in the Sun, Cancer Detection, and Legislative Amendments. Top IA News of the Week

Stanford’s artificial intelligence can predict the weather in the Sun, while the Ukrainian AI startup has raised $60 million. These and other news of the innovative technology sector are described in our digest. Raises $60 million, a Ukrainian startup developing an AI platform for sales departments, has raised $60 million. Currently, the company is valued at $500 million.

Project’s investors include Iconiq, Andreessen Horowitz, Lightspeed Venture Partners, GGV Capital, and Y Combinator. According to Oleg Rogynskyy, Founder of, attracted funds will be spent on the team expansion.

Tokyo-Based Company to
Combat Robberies in Japan Using AI

According to the statistics, Japan faces approximately one hundred thousand shop thefts per year, and the general damage from them is $4.5 billion. To fight with this phenomenon, Tokyo-based Earth Eyes has designed a video surveillance system based on artificial intelligence jointly with NTT East. AI was trained on video records shooting petty thefts.

Approximately 2000 cameras by Earth Eyes and NTT East are installed in Japan as of 2019.

Google’s Artificial Intelligence
Determines Lung Cancer
Symptoms More Accurately than People

Google has explored the artificial intelligence possibilities in healthcare. It has turned out that AI can make the forecasting of lung cancer development more precise. The earlier and more accurate the diagnostics is, the better chances at-risk people have.

Based on the single study, AI identified 5% more diseases than doctors do, decreasing the amount of incorrect positive results by more than 11%.

OECD Countries Lay Down
Artificial Intelligence Rules

Countries included in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), as well Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rika, Columbia, Peru, and Romania, have agreed upon the core principles on artificial intelligence.

Adopted on May 22, the guidelines state that AI solutions should be conducted transparently, and AI-enabled systems should have corresponding markings. The document also specifies that organizations and entities engaged in such systemsbear liability for the adherence to these principles.

Artificial Intelligence Can
Predict Weather in the Sun

Developed by Stanford University, the algorithm has learnt to predict weather conditions in the Sun. Artificial intelligence examined thousands of recent solar flares on the star and determined that their occurrence could be predicted just a few days before the beginning due to the sharp increase in electrical discharge activity within its assumed origination area.

Artificial intelligence is able to recognize both calm regions of the Sun and regions with high flare activity with the accuracy of 75% and 92%.

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