Global Giants and Promising Startups: Top Companies Developing Artificial Intelligence Technologies
Global Giants and Promising Startups: Top Companies Developing Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Artificial Intelligence has established itself as an efficient and versatile tool helping to transform and automate workflows in many industries around the world.

As more and more companies are introducing AI solutions into their activities, the need for such technologies is only growing each year. That is why more and more global tech giants and startups are focusing on the development of their own AI systems allowing them to perform a huge range of tasks, from data collection and speech recognition to supply management and medical imaging.

What companies are working in the field of artificial intelligence today and what solutions are they developing? Find out in the material.


As one of the leaders in artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analysis, Google develops its own solutions, studies AI technologies, invests in their development and acquires specialized startups.

The multinational corporation uses AI to optimize its own services, for example, to improve algorithms for recommendations in the search engine and YouTube. It also creates AI-based tools that are subsequently used by business owners and developers, analysts and ordinary users.

Google's AI-powered products include:

  • TensorFlow – an open source library that is available to developers to improve their applications using machine learning.

  • Google Meet – a service for video conferencing and videotelephone communication, which allows, among other things, to broadcast meetings with the participation of up to 100,000 viewers.

  • AutoDraw – a graphics editor that transforms hand-drawn images into beautiful drawings.

  • Dataset Search – search engine for datasets.

  • Cloud AI – a cloud platform that allows to integrate machine learning capabilities into business.

Moreover, the IT giant has its own research project, Google Brain that specializes in the study of artificial intelligence.


Microsoft is another global leader in the artificial intelligence segment. The company is known for its Azure cloud platform that includes over 200 products and services. They feature solutions that operate on the basis of neural networks and machine learning, helping to automate many business tasks, such as analyzing images from CCTV cameras, recognizing document content, data validation, etc.

In addition, the company has artificial intelligence products designed for the general consumer, such as virtual voice assistant Cortana and Zo chatbot.


An American technology company specializing in the development of GPUs and chip systems. Considered a leader in GPU computing.

The company's AI-powered products include:

  • GameGAN – a neural network capable of generating new games.

  • GauGAN – a software that turns sketches into photorealistic images. It can be used to quickly change digital scenery, when developing virtual worlds, for training unmanned vehicles and other purposes.

  • Vid2Vid Cameo – a solution that converts still image of a person into a video with a talking head. Used for video calls and conferences.


The company offers a wide range of hardware and software technologies that provide rich capabilities and support for a variety of AI use cases. The available solutions allow to get advanced results in various fields, from medical research to intelligent systems for unmanned vehicles.

Today, artificial intelligence is integrated into Intel processors such as Xeon, Movidius, Myriad.

And in order developers and business owners could start using AI, the company provides training courses and all necessary tools.


This is the BlackBerry division that develops software that prevents, rather than detects, viruses and other malware. AI systems use an artificial intelligence engine to identify threats, which helps to reduce the negative impact on the performance of computer systems.


A company developing products for ensuring the secure money transfers and working with secret data in the global network. Its portfolio includes several services to combat online fraud. They can help to prevent account theft, illegal payments and other activities that could damage a brand's reputation.

Clients of the company include Twitter, Airbnb, Twilio and others. One of its offices is located in Kyiv.


The company collects and analyzes a huge array of clinical and genetic data for personalization and optimization of therapy in accordance with the needs of each person.

Tools developed by Tempus are used in cancer research and treatment.

Ukrainian companies working with AI

According to Deep Knowledge Analytics agency, Ukraine is one of top three Eastern European countries in terms of the number of IT companies working in the field of artificial intelligence. We present five projects that have already achieved success in this area.

  • Let's Enhance is a company behind an AI-powered online service that automatically scales images and enhances them without losing quality. It can be used to process photos, drawings, logos, etc. The solution is used in real estate, printing, e-commerce.

  • is an AI service that collects and analyzes data from sales departments. The system studies the work of managers, identifying their mistakes and making recommendations for improving the efficiency.

  • Captain Growth is an AI product for analyzing marketing data and managing advertising activities. The AI-powered service examines information from Facebook Ads and Google Analytics and uses it to optimize advertising campaigns and grow business.

  • Skillroads is a professional service for the automatic compiling of CVs that are optimally suited for specific vacancies.

  • Altris AI is a startup that has developed software analyzing optical coherence tomography data for diagnosing vision problems. The creators of the service claim that the platform detects eye diseases with 98% accuracy.

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