Max Botvinev from Intellectsoft: Ukraine Has a Great Demand for VR and AR Technologies Max Botvinev from Intellectsoft: Ukraine Has a Great Demand for VR and AR Technologies

Max Botvinev is a multi-discipline IT specialist. He developed innovative products at LG Electronics and worked in the gaming industry. He has been implementing large enterprise projects over the past couple of years. The expert designs client server architecture, real-time networks, streaming, AI solutions, procedure 3D graphics, shading, AR/VR, Media Decoding/Encoding, frameworks from scratch, etc. Currently, he is AR/VR Solution Architect at Intellectsoft.

Max was involved in AI Conference Kyiv that took place on June 4. He made a presentation on artificial intelligence operations in practice. The speaker told the audience about the benefit of computer vision, showed face scanning algorithms, as well as revealed features of neural networks and their training.

In an interview with AI Conference Kyiv, Max Botvinev talks about Intellectsoft, the demand for VR/AR solutions in Ukrainian business, and the importance of proper definition of technical specifications for IT products.

Interviewer: AI Conference Kyiv (AICK)
Respondent: Max Botvinev (M. B.)

AICK: Tell us about the company you represent. What does it focus on?

M. B.: The sponsor of my presentation at the conference was Intellectsoft. It is a service company developing software products related to both artificial intelligence and a pretty wide technology stack: IoT, backend and frontend solutions, and many other areas.

Intellectsoft is a high-class company in terms of know-how and maintenance.

AICK: You are a multi-discipline IT specialist working in particular with VR and AR solutions. How popular are they in Ukrainian business?

M. B.: Ukraine has a great demand for VR and AR technologies. All projects are diversified and quite interesting.

What I can mention in general is that virtual and augmented realities along with AI are applied in many projects. Such solutions are used in building activity, commerce, production, manufacturing, etc.

AICK: How can businesses avoid challenges when adopting artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and other technologies?

M. B.: Decision-makers in the business sector should be well-versed in innovative technologies. The development should not include any black boxes. Programmers have to speak in layman's terms. A company providing development services should keep the whole process clear. Everything should be readable and user-friendly. No hidden things are allowed.

At the same time, Product Owners should be experienced in this industry in order to reach correct decisions. They should realize where to direct the project in case of critical issues.

AICK: For example, an IT company asks you to elaborate an AI solution. How crucial is it for the company to accept product technical requirements?

M. B.: I try to provide customers with an additional service: assisting in the adoption of technical specifications. If one specifies necessary technical requirements for the product, it will be developed with a predicted outcome. As a result, we will obtain something satisfying the project goal and concept.

AICK: You spoke at AI Conference Kyiv. What are your impressions about the event?

M. B.: The conference is organized seamlessly. Plenty of presentations. Interesting business reasoning for the role of artificial intelligence and its appropriate application. Speakers shared informal experience and intriguing facts. What matters to me is to make presentations consist of insides and more severe information. Andthisaspectwaspresent.Ienjoyedeverything. Theconferencejustified my expectations.

AICK: Is it significant to hold AI events to encourage the industry growth?

M. B.: I believe that similar events are crucially important. AI events allow to find out what projects people have implemented over the past several years, which means the most impressive things and lessons learnt. This experience is absorbed, while the industry starts rapidly and exponentially evolving.

Besides, such events reveal insider information, which is essential in decision making.

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