AI Conference Kyiv: find out how and where to apply artificial intelligence in June AI Conference Kyiv: find out how and where to apply artificial intelligence in June

What is artificial intelligence, how does it work, and why does everyone implement it ubiquitously? How and for what purposes should you use chatbots in your business? Is it worth investing in machine learning?

On June 4, the capital of Ukraine will host AI Conference Kyiv, the event focused on the use of artificial intelligence in business. Specialists that have implemented the technology in practice will share their experience.

The event will take place in the format of the conference + exhibition area.


Here speakers will touch upon key aspects and application cases of AI and automation, namely:

  • prospects of AI in the business segment;
  • machine learning in retail;
  • artificial intelligence in communications;
  • artificial intelligence in manufacturing;
  • automation of sales and workflow;
  • personalization in digital marketing and retail.

Who may find it interesting: IT developers, Internet marketers, business analysts, customer managers, operators, entrepreneurs, and business owners.

Exhibition area

Participants of the specially equipped zone will show their developments, services, and apps. Attendees will have a possibility to talk to representatives of companies, have a consultation, and choose a relevant solution.

Have you developed a platform or an app? Contact us to show your project to necessary people and potential customers.

It is important to implement artificial intelligence in business today. On June 4, you will find out how to do it.

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