Presentation: Possibilities of LoraWAN in Ukraine Presentation: Possibilities of LoraWAN in Ukraine

How will the IoT industry evolve in Ukraine? This issue will be revealed at AI Conference Kyiv by Alexander Fedienko, a Chairman at the Ukrainian Internet Association.

Presentation topic: IoT network in Ukraine: Possibilities of LoraWAN.

Alexander will tell the audience what challenges the IoT industry can solve using LoRaWAN. He will also explain the concept of the LoRaWAN protocol as well as its application and operating range.

The speaker will focus on:

  • the Smart city system;
  • LoRaWAN prospects for housing and public utilities;
  • the LoRaWAN protocol for mobile operators.

Alexander Fedienko worked as an engineer at a state enterprise Global Ukraine and the Head of Global Ukraine Radio.

In 1999, he was engaged in the creation of a network transferring voting information to the Central Election Commission of Ukraine. Besides, he took part in the project aimed at the establishment of a single information network of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

In 2005, Mr. Fedienko took over a position of the Head of IMC, a leader in the sphere of implementation of cutting-edge wireless technologies in Kyiv and Kyiv Oblast. In 2009, Alexander initiated the first Ukrainian industry magazine called Wireless Ukraine.

Currently, he is the Head of the Ukrainian Internet Association.

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