Presentation: Setting up payments using chatbots. Payment tools Presentation: Setting up payments using chatbots. Payment tools

Today there are different ways to pay for goods and services. Users make payments using bots, messengers, and apps. On November 14, Chief Bot Developer at Ukrgasbank Pavel Chishko and CEO at Softensy Artur Slusar will speak about the technical aspects of these processes at AI Conference Kyiv.

Presentation topic – “How to set up a payment system using a chatbot, messenger, or apps?”

Main points:

  • payment bots: what are they and why they are useful;
  • setting up payments using bots;
  • order of goods/services using voice;
  • phone calls automation;
  • workshop: testing of the bot together with the audience.

Artur Slusar is a CEO at Softensy, a developer of mobile apps and chatbots for business. The developer of the first fully automated payment chatbots for such brands as Alyaska, Megasport, Sushiya, Eurovision Contest 2017, Atmosphere, Clickbye, 966, and TruckRadar.

The company’s portfolio comprises 40+ projects from eight countries in the fields of business automation, FinTech, AI solutions, speech synthesis, mobile apps, and ERP systems.

Pavel Chishko is a Chief Bot Developer at the commercial bank Ukrgasbank. Previously, Head of the project “Technologies of remote customer counseling” at PrivatBank.

Over his career, Pavel Chishko has developed more than 200 chatbots. The specialist develops virtual assistants for apps, Viber, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger.

Find details about the event and registration form on the official website.

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