Presentation: development of IoT startups in Ukraine Presentation: development of IoT startups in Ukraine

A young technological company can face a huge amount of challenges at initial stages. To meet them, it should conduct a marketing analysis, make calculations, and critically evaluate its own product.

Kravchenko, the founder of IoT Hub Accelerator, will reveal how to avoid primary mistakes on November 14 at AI Conference Kyiv.

His presentation topic: Modern market of IoT startups in Ukraine.

The speaker will tell the audience:

  • how IoT startups can gain financing;
  • what investors expect from a company;
  • how to enable an IoT product to enter the mass market;
  • what possibilities Ukraine offers to startups.

2015, IoT Hub has launched about 15 projects such as SolarGaps, Senstone, and others.

Roman is also a co-founder of ANROM integrating corporate portals and in-house social networks and the founder of LiveBoard developing Digital Signage software platforms for content and screen management online.

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