Chatbots in state institutions, IoT in business processes, big data in marketplaces: what will speakers of AI Conference Kyiv discuss Chatbots in state institutions, IoT in business processes, big data in marketplaces: what will speakers of AI Conference Kyiv discuss

AI Conference Kyiv is taking place soon – on November 14! Experts of Kyivstar,, Privatbank, Ukrgasbank, Vodafone Ukraine, Ukrainian Internet Association, Ukrposhta, Competera, DataArt, Reforms Office of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, IBM Canada, and other companies have already confirmed participation in the conference.

Read further in the article about top 10 speakers that will make presentations at the conference.

Speakers of the Artificial Intelligence block

AI Conference Kyiv will be opened by the representative of the state sector. Project manager of the Reforms Office of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Olga Samoylova will speak about global trends of AI development, potential unemployment related to emergence of artificial intelligence as well as the role that the state plays in the development of the AI market.

Vladislav Volodin ( Big data in marketplace

A representative of Vladislav Volodin will tell about the experience of working with big data. The speaker will share knowledge of how to work with frauds, tell how user behavior influences the positioning of goods in listing, and how to work with feature recognition.

Sergiy Boryslavsky (Vodafone Ukraine): How machine learning has helped the telecommunication industry

Sergiy Boryslavsky, head of Big Data at Vodafone Ukraine, will tell about the inner workings of the communications provider – how they use artificial intelligence in standard processes, apply the technology in new products, and work with external customers.

Speakers of the Internet of Things block

Konstiantyn Andrusenko (Kyivstar): Why IoT representatives may find working with telecom operators beneficial

Head of IoT development at Kyivstar Konstiantyn Andrusenko will share his personal experience of working with the Internet of Things market in Ukraine. Konstiantyn will tell about benefits of developing IoT products together with the telecom operator, promising industries for implementing the Internet of Things, Jasper and NB-IoT networks as tools that facilitate the development of this field.

Sergii Danylenko (Middleware): The notion of a digital core and why companies need it

Chief Marketing Officer at Middleware Sergii Danylenko will explain what a digital core is and how it can help to save on the maintenance of business processes. The expert will share experience of building cloud expert systems and view specific IoT case studies.

Speakers of the Chatbots block

Kristina Karmazina (PrivatBank): How to set up receiving payments through a chatbot, messenger, and applications

Head of e-commerce projects at PrivatBank Kristina Karmazina will speak about the use of chatbots in banking. Previously, Kristina worked as head of quality assurance at COMFY and business analyst at EVA store chain.

The expert will make a presentation together with the software developer of the Center of Electronic Business of PrivatBank Olexander Antonenko. They will show how to set up payments using chatbots in practice.

Andriy Skotsyk (Ukrposhta): Why does a state-owned company need a chatbot?

Andriy Skotsyk, Head of Digital Marketing at JSC Ukrposhta, will share the experience of implementing a chatbot in the operation of a state-owned company.

Andriy will tell how the chatbot for Ukrposhta was developed, about its functions, and capabilities. He will also explain why a chatbot needs its own mini blog on Facebook and how to attract 120,000 users without expenditures on promotion, and achieve the conversion worth of 100,000 UAH in 24 hours.

Pavel Chishko (Ukrgasbank) and Artur Slusar (Softensy): Chatbots without text

Chief Bot Builder at Ukrgasbank Pavel Chishko and CEO at Softensy Artur Slusar will tell how to create an alternative method for ordering products and services using a textless chatbot.

As for 2018, Pavel has developed more than 200 chatbots, was engaged in the development of a chatbot for PrivatBank. Artur’s projects include chatbots for Alyaska, Megasport, Sushiya, Eurovision Contest 2017, and many others.

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