AI to monitor fields and make Kyivans’ life more comfortable. Week’s news AI to monitor fields and make Kyivans’ life more comfortable. Week’s news

The European Commission is going to test an AI code of ethics while robots in America can now recognize depression. Read our traditional digest to find out more.

AI to monitor Ukrainian fields

A new AI-powered platform will control Ukrainian fields. Earth Observing System (EOS) will present a set of tools aimed for agricultural companies. The service will collect and systematize data about fields on 24/7 basis via satellites.

The program will accumulate information about seedlings, maturity, weather conditions, and anticipated dangers. The EOS’s platform allows farmers to optimize expenses as well as effectively plan new crops setting and harvesting. The platform is currently being developed.

The EU creates an AI code of ethics

The European Commission has come up with a preliminary list of requirements to AI safe application across the EU. The AI guidelines of ethics were developed by the independent working group established in 2018.

The code will be tested and appraised by the industry representatives, government, and research institutes. The EU Commission is expecting feedback and comments on the proposed code of ethics in order to estimate the result of work and offer a plan for further actions.

AI to benefit Kyivans

Non-governmental organization Smart City Hub has announced the launch of large-scale project AI for Kyiv. It implies the introduction of AI-fueled tools to the city digital infrastructure. Besides, the authors intend to learn the ethical and transparent ways of using AI technologies in the interaction between the authorities and people.

Project AI for Kyiv is supported by Kyiv City State Administration and will last 14 months. The technologies used within the project on capital digitization are related to the civic tech industry (services facilitating the communication between the state and citizens).

IBM’s AI predicts resignation with an accuracy of 95%

As reported by CEO at IBM Virginia Rometty, the company leverages a special AI-enabled system that identifies a resignation probability with an accuracy of 95%. It helps the company regulate staff turnover and timely start searching for needed specialists at the company with 350 000 workers.

The IBM representative as well pointed out that the tech implementation allowed to reduce HR staff by 30% thus raising a salary of the remaining specialists. However, Virginia Rometty didn’t specify which aspects the patented smart system analyzes.

Scientists train a robot to recognize human emotions

The American scientists have trained a robot to recognize human emotions by facial expressions. As they claim, the artificial intelligence sifts through the emotional state with an accuracy of 95%. This skill allows robots to assess a mental state of the owners prone to depression. Such a robot is also helpful for social therapy.

The artificial intelligence will choose music that corresponds best to the person’s mood.

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