How AI and machine learning can impact your business

AI Conference Kyiv 2021

  • Reduce costs

  • Automate large tasks

  • Improve customer service

Why is it important?

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Artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things, and chatbots can solve a lot of modern business issues and free human resources and funds for significant tasks and interesting work.

We are holding AI Conference Kyiv, an event where experts will talk about their experience in successful application of artificial intelligence as well as about the results, goals, and forecasts for technology in the near future.

Here speakers will address the key aspects and application cases of AI and automation, namely:

- prospects of AI in the business segment;
- machine learning in retail;
- artificial intelligence in communications;
- artificial intelligence in manufacturing;
- automation of sales and workflow;
- personalization in digital marketing and retail.

We invite business owners, top managers, heads of IT departments, developers, freelancers, and marketing specialists.

Our goal is to encourage ideas exchange for rapid development and technological progress of Ukrainian business, in particular to reduce the amount of mistakes, optimize processes and expenditures, automate manufacturing and operating activity, find new methods of business intelligence and marketing.

You will enjoy: friendly business atmosphere full of new ideas and innovations, seven hours of presentations, interactive panel discussion with experts, plenty of networking, coffee, and treats.

Within 7 hours of lectures, our guests will get the clear image of business processes automation using AI, chatbots and IoT.
About the conference
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